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Solutions and services

O1C Offer the very latest in legal justice.


In conjunction with local authorities, legal administration systems and the best in Spanish legal practice O1C offer the consumer a service that goes above and beyond the legal parameters currently in place in Spain and Europe.



With over 30 years of experience in fraud claims and a reputation of success in the field, O1C offers a new specialist service directly to the public.  All fraud cases are considered from property and land through to stocks and shares.


All claims are independently reviewed and considered on an individual basis. Only claims considered favourable, will then be allowed under the legal umbrella and action started.


With the narrowing of Europe boundaries, O1C  is able to offer a cross border service to all members of the European Union states and beyond.


Our results in this field are well documented and the credentials of the lawyers assigned to your claims available at all times.


The legal team will be available at all times to update you at the various stages of the proceedings.


Feel assured that the best legal service and attention is now available and no longer should you feel your voice cannot be heard.


Once an offer of compensation has been made, and amicable, to both parties, then and only then will we conclude our actions.


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